The history of the Vernon Twp Fire Dept.

In May of 1961 the Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Department was organized. A committee was appointed to draw up the By-Laws and Ray Chamberlain was elected temporary Fire Chief. Later, the first Fire Chief to be appointed was Herman Wente.

The membership at the beginning was around 20, and an old Dodge tanker was bought with donations until a levy could be passed for a new truck. Meetings were held in Herman Wente’s basement, and the tanker was kept in his garage until the new station was built in 1964

Over the years, the fire department has expanded. A second station was built at Ashley Corner for Vernon Rescue. Ambulances were garaged there, and after a period of time the membership of both organizations decided to put one engine at Ashley Corner and the second ambulance at the main fire station. This provided better protection to the community for both fire and EMS.

Today, the Fire Department has two stations. One is at 52 Turkey Foot Road, and the Main Station is at 3335 Turkey Foot Road. We have two pumpers, one tanker, one Brush Fire Truck, one Rescue Truck, and two ATVs for brush fires and rescue. We currently have 21 firefighters. We cover 35.3 Square miles. We receive all funding from property tax levies.


Vernon Rescue was started in January 1973, answering calls in a 1965 Oldsmobile Modified Hearse ambulance leased from a local funeral home 9 (Jack Davis in South Webster). It was leased for $1.00 a year. In February 1973, The service was incorporated, and a contract to provide ambulance service was established with the Twp. Trustees. Although separate from the Fire Department regarding the organization, many of the same members are in both departments, and both organizations work together as one.

Today, we have one ambulance at each station. We are an Advanced Life Support unit and provide Paramedic care to the residents of Vernon Twp. and those who pass through. We also respond to mutual aid calls to neighboring departments. We have 4 Paramedics, 2 Advanced EMTs, 3 Basic EMTs, and 1 First Responders.

We cover 35.3 Square miles. We receive all funding from property tax levies. We currently do not charge anyone for our emergency services.